• Do you have a large land clearing project? Call in the big machinery!
    Land Clearing Services in Texas, Louisiana & Oklahoma
    Universal Land Clearing has a variety of large machinery fit for any land clearing project. Our machines are efficient, powerful and get the job done right!

Land Clearing

Universal Land Clearing provides premier land clearing services perfect for dirt road work and preparation, constructions projects, and various farm and ranch projects. Universal Land Clearing specializes in environmental mulch clearing services. We service areas ranging from right-of-ways to residential lots.

At Universal Land Clearing we have track machines and rubber tire machines which are suited for a variety of existing land conditions. These machines distribute low pressure in order to minimize ground disturbance. They provide a mulch cover that helps stabilize the soil and stop erosion. And they allow us to clear areas with efficiency while minimizing the environmental foot print.

Learn more about Universal Land Clearing’s machinery for your next land clearing project!

  • Rubber Tire Machines
    Barko 930 (up to 305HP) and the Barko 937 (375HP) with floatation tires designed to minimize land disturbance.
    Prentice 2864 Mulcher - this 16 ton 350 hp mulching machine gets the job done quickly and efficiently, with minimal ground damage.
    Track Machines
    Our track machines work well in wet terrain and heavy cutting areas.
  • Track Hoes & Dozers
    Check out our JCB Track Hoe, Komatsu Track Hoe, Cat D4 Bulldozer and John Deere 650 dozer.
    Horizontal Grinder
    The Morbark is an 800 horsepower horizontal grinder on tracks, so it is independently mobile rather than mounted on a trailer. It can be walked down the right of way just as any other piece of machinery, making it the better choice for clearing and grinding right of ways, especially in wet conditions. It grinds trees up to 24 inches in diameter and produces wood chips of sufficient quality to sell to chip mills.